プロフェッショナルのために開発された、プロフェッショナルのためのマイクロ・ナノバブルシャワーヘッド laqua ISOLA FELICE ―

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One more technological innovation from small bubbles
Our micro-nano bubble shower head is used by and developed for professionals. and now, you can experience it from the convenience of your own home. Enjoy the touch of a gentle water stream like never before. Not only is the water gentle on your scalp and hair. but it also has heat-retaining properties and a message effect that relaxes you. Its compact size makes it also easy to hold and operate. The economical “lanua casa” also saves in water consumption.

Laqua casa penetrates deep into your scalp’s pores.
 Cleansing effect of micro-nano bubbles

The ultra-fine particles of the micro-nano bubbles are smaller than the pores in the skin and adhere to positive charged particles such as dirt. They generate a large localized shock wave when they are crushed from the atmospheric pressure, and thereby, wash out waste material and dirt that had penetrated deep inside the skin's pores. The small air bubbles that are simultaneously generated also produce a comfortable and relaxing effect by massaging the scalp. In addition, its surface acting function softens the viscosity, has a mixing effect and promotes an emulsification process.

■Principle behind generating micro-nano bubbles
  • Heated water
    passes through
    laqua casa

  • Heated water is
    separated into
    inner stream and outer stream

  • Heated water gyrates
    within the inner stream
    and intermixes air
    bubbles from vent

  • Swirling current of the inner stream is shot out colliding with the outer stream, producing
    Ultra-fine particles

  • Ultra-fine particles
    bubbles) flow out

Laqua casa's micro-nano bubbles

Laqua casa‘s micro-nano bubbles carry a negative electric charge and are 1/120th the size of a pore (approximately 80 um). (0.659 pm on average) 1 million ultra-fine particles per cubic centimeter can be generated by only using normal tap water pressure.

  • ■Hair structure

  • ■Amount of micro-nano bubbles generated

Color variation(11 colors)

  • Eco green

  • Earth blue

  • Spark violet

  • Royal bordeaux

  • Rockabilly pink

  • Wedding white

  • Rising red

  • Chinese red

  • Sunshine yellow

  • Cacao brown

  • Piano black


●Product name:Micro-nano bubble shower head "laqua casa"
●Mobile number:FK-1600
●Unit size:Maximum width 40mm×length 92mm
●Unit material:Thermal resistant ASA resin,ASA resin, POM resin, aluminum(chorome plated), silicon seal, EPDM seal and SUS
●Thermal resistant temperature80℃
●WeightUnit 120g and adapter 25g
●Minimum water voiume of micro-nano bubbles generate4L/min
●Recommended usage conditions7L/min(water pressure: 0.1Mpa)
●Accessorise:4 type of mounting adapters(ASA)
1 type of EPDM seal
●Manifacturing country:Japan
●Manufacturer's recommended price:Open price

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